Welcome to Golding's Free Dive

Taking inspiration from the American dive bar, Golding’s pays homage to the neighbourhood bars of North America and Europe.

With craft beer being a vital catalyst, Golding’s brings together the textures, feel and energy of its central city neighbourhood environment and creates a truly sincere and unique experience.

Golding’s friendly, highly trained and knowledgeable staff will enrich your visit and make sure you get the most out of your time spent exploring New Zealand and international craft beers.

Beer is Love.

What We Offer

What we offer:
Golding’s Free Dive’s independence from New Zealand’s big beer companies means you get to taste the best from New Zealand’s most intrepid and The USA’s best and most revered micro breweries. 
But we’re not a one trick pony, we have a thoughtful wine list selected from some of New Zealand’s finest wine producers. We also have some fantastic ciders.
With great beer comes great responsibility and it’s always best to eat when drinking. Fortunately for you we have the wonderful and delicious Pizza Pomodoro available right here in the bar, Bella!
What we don’t offer:
We’re a little bar, so we can’t do reservations or private functions.
We are a non smoking bar inside and out but this means we can offer Wellington’s only outdoor smoke free drinking experience.

Find Us

14 Leeds Street, Wellington


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